Olive Power

In a world with a million skin care products on the market, it is humbling to know that the latest exciting beauty treatment is not just a flash in the pan, but has centuries of history behind it.

Olives and their related products (Oil, Pulp, Leaf Extract) have been used as skin treatments for more than 4,000 years, used first by ancient Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures to treat a variety of health conditions as well as for food and for beauty. In fact Olive Oil was the first botanical cited in the Bible and in Croatian mythology, where the Olive was the first tree in the world.

"Our own Olive Oil, carefully combined with natural and organic plant ingredients makes for the perfect blend of ancient tradition and modern science."

This faith in the power of the Olive has seen the Simunovich family invest in the creation of the largest Olive estate in New Zealand. We grow over 40,000 trees producing 150,000 litres of high quality, award winning Olive Oil every year - much of which goes into the creation of our fabulous skin care products. Olive Skin Care was launched in 2005 and in April 2008 Tebe Men's®® Skin Care range was launched – the first comprehensive skin care collection in New Zealand to feature Olive Leaf Extract.

The Power of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract is a very exciting ingredient indeed - naturally loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, Olive Leaf Extract delivers moisture and firmness while protecting against the harmful effects of external aggressors such as sun and water. It has also been used medicinally over the ages by many cultures. The potential of the Olive Leaf is now being fully recognised as it is extremely high in antioxidants and anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Tebe Men's is an exciting product range for face, hair and body that combines the ancient traditions of Olive Oil based skin care, with the powerful antioxidant ingredient, Olive Leaf Extract.

Not only is Olive Leaf extract a powerful ingredient in body and beauty products but according to an expert in the field, Woodland Health expert and commentator Jack Ritchason says it can even be used to fight invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microbes. Ritchason writes that the extract has also proven to be useful in combating fungal, yeast and parasitic infection, coronary dilation, hypertension, hypoglycemia, diabetes.

Other potential benefits of Olive Leaf Extract include effective inhibition and prevention of infection from parasites, yeasts and moulds, and improvement in symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, the extract has been used to improve elasticity of arteries, which improves blood flow and reduces high blood pressure therefore preventing progression of heart disease. Not to mention that it can help with the improvement of arthritis, toothaches, painful haemorrhoids, athlete’s foot, mycotic nails and various other conditions.*

A further benefit as recognised by researchers from the University of Milan is that of combating free radical damage to individual cells. Plants like the Olive tree have developed an array of antioxidant defences to protect themselves from environmental stress. This gives them the strength needed to fight free radical production.

"As the ancient Greeks have discovered, Olive Leaf Extract is also a leading acne solution, providing healing properties that help fight the bacteria that causes acne and helps the skin become healthy and smooth."

Such a wonderful product and straight out of nature, it would appear that the Olive Leaf really does have some extraordinary qualities. With researchers talking of its potential to even help in the battle of HIV, the humble Olive Extract has the power to do much more than we ever expected.

* Source: Olive Leaf Extract by Jack Ritchason ND, Woodland Publishing